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Victim Advocate Database Version 11012012 Released & More!

As we close out the final months of 2012, we have released a Minor Update for the Victim Advocate Database. Version 11012012 includes the following changes:

• Replaced column ''Contact ID'' with ''Case Number'' on Victim Search  
• Replaced field ''Contact ID'' with ''Case Number'' on Client Information Screen 
• Rearranged some fields on Client Information Screen to support code inclusion of ''Case Number'' Field 
• Added ability to search by ''Case Number'' in Victim Search Screen  
• Included TechRelease02142011A into deployable package 
• Adjusted Network Version install script to be more inutiutive 
• Corrected licensing bug in Network Version installation  

What's more, we've incorporated a Forum into the Victim Advocate website to allow Victim Advocates to trade ideas and discuss the Victim Advocate Database.

Finally, we've released the BETA version of the VA Database ONLINE. Still in its infancy, it has the potential to become anything, with your help. To that end, we will offer the ONLINE version to any agency, free of charge, who helps us mold it into something useful - see the forums for a place to discuss options and ideas.

Visit http://victimadvocate.creasmanconsulting.com and check it out. As always, keep the suggestions coming. We appreciate each one of you and the difficult jobs you have as Victim Advocates.

Victim Advocate Database Celebrates it's 5th year!

Creasman Consulting's Victim Advocate Database celebrates its 5th year. Version 02142011 has met with great praise as our developers are working on the next revision.  If you haven't already, check out the DEMO at http://victimadvocate.creasmanconsulting.com . As always, keep the suggestions coming.  We appreciate each one of you and the difficult jobs you have as Victim Advocates.



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